What is a central control irrigation computer, where are they used and how does it work?

Central control irrigation computer systems utilize proprietary server hardware, software, network communication devices (radio or wire communications) to manage irrigation resources. Central Control Irrigation is specified on most  golf course, business park, public park, planned community and interstate freeway irrigation designs. 

Smart irrigation systems utilize event response software and devices to assist site managers in managing irrigation system sprinklers, valves, master valves, lateral lines and main-lines. Environmental conditions such as soil moisture, PH and weather can be monitored in combination with sprinkler type, plant type, pressure, spacing and slope to generate daily water times. The  central control system can also monitor changes in system performance to alert the end users to events that require attention such as electrical faults, network communication failures or valves that have been disabled in the field. 

A fully functional system can save end users a substantial amount of time and resources.

Are you using the full capability of your irrigation system? Got golf irrigation service?